New PDF release: 2011 CFA Program Curriculum: Level 2, Volume 4

By CFA Institute

ISBN-10: 0558521908

ISBN-13: 9780558521905

The CFA software point II Curriculum is prepared into numerous research classes to assist applicants navigate the fabric. each one research consultation contains assigned readings (drawn from textbook chapters, expert magazine articles, CFA Program-commissioned content material, situations, and learn analyst reports); studying end result statements; and challenge units that show useful program and strengthen realizing of the suggestions awarded within the readings. For comfort, the assigned readings are assembled into a number of self-contained volumes. CFA has: * Sequenced the readings in conformity with the research classes * Reprinted the pertinent studying end result statements prior to every one studying * extra research assets, reminiscent of a higher define, a complete index, and a unified thesaurus * revealed the curriculum in two-color structure to complement the appearance and readability of the shows, tables, and required as opposed to non-compulsory remedies

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Trends Microbiol 3: 149–154 Burmester GR, Stuhlmuller B, Keyszer G, Kinne RW (1997) Mononuclear phagocytes and rheumatoid synovitis. Mastermind or workhorse in arthritis? Arthritis Rheum 40: 5–18 Andreakos E, Smith C, Kiriakidis S, Monaco C, de Martin R, Brennan FM, Paleolog E, Feldmann M, Foxwell BM (2003) Heterogeneous requirement of IkappaB kinase 2 for inflammatory cytokine and matrix metalloproteinase production in rheumatoid arthritis: implications for therapy. Arthritis Rheum 48: 1901–1912 Aupperle K, Bennett B, Han Z, Boyle D, Manning A, Firestein G (2001) NF-kappa B regulation by I kappa B kinase-2 in rheumatoid arthritis synoviocytes.

Nature 411(6837): 603–606 Kinjo Y, Wu D, Kim G, Xing GW, Poles MA, Ho DD et al (2005) Recognition of bacterial glycosphingolipids by natural killer T cells. Nature 434(7032): 520–525 Mattner J, Debord KL, Ismail N, Goff RD, Cantu C, III, Zhou D et al (2005) Exogenous and endogenous glycolipid antigens activate NKT cells during microbial infections. Nature 434(7032): 525–529 17 Toll-like receptors and rheumatoid arthritis: is there a connection? Sandra M. Sacre, Stefan K. Drexler and Brian M. 5–1% of the adult population, with three times more females than males effected.

Table 1 Exogenous and endogenous Toll-like receptor (TLR) ligands TLR TLR2 TLR3 TLR4 TLR9 Exogenous ligands Lipoproteins/lipopeptides Pepticoglycan Lipoteichoic acid Lipoarabinomannan A phenol-soluble modulin Glycoinositolphospholipids Glycolipids Porins Zymosan Atypical LPS Double-stranded RNA LPS Taxol Fusion protein (RSV) Envelope proteins (MMTV) Hsp60 (Chlamydia pneumoniae) Unmethylated CpG DNA Endogenous ligands HSP60 [69] HSP70 [70] Gp96 [71] mRNA [93] HSP60 [69] HSP70 [70] Gp96 [71] Fibronectin [81] Oligosaccharides of hyaluronic acid [106] Heparan sulphate [105] Fibrinogen [108] Chromatin-IgG complexes [95] TLR2 binds the exogenous ligands lipoproteins/lipopeptides (various pathogens), peptidoglycan (Gram-positive bacteria), lipoteichoic acid (gram-positive bacteria), lipoarabinomannan (mycobacteria), A phenol-soluble modulin (Staphylococcus epidermidis), glycoinositolphospholipids (Trypanosoma cruzi), glycolipids (Treponema maltophilum), porins (Neisseria), zymosan (fungi) and atypical LPS (Leptospira interrogans) as well as the endogenous ligands heat shock protein (HSP) 60, hsp70 and hsp96.

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