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By Nicholas F. Schmidt, Ph.D.

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And that was good. 29 But something was still missing in the plan. This creation not only had to unfold without end, it also had to satisfy the Almighty's desire for eternal love and everlasting companionship. This is a very big thought. What really makes it hard to comprehend and appreciate is the eternal nature of it all. If God's creation was to go on forever, then it must always be changing into something new. Not only must it be "breathed" out, but breathed back in so that all that had been experienced and felt could be contemplated and sent out again.

The sheer size of the universe our scientists observe and attempt to describe is daunting. Incredibly, no matter which way they point their most powerful instruments they have yet to find the outer edges of the universe. But it is there and they are getting closer and closer to seeing it as it moves outward with unimaginable speed into nothingness. Along the trailing edge of our expanding cosmos something utterly amazing is taking place. In the wake of that trailing edge of expanding energy, the birth of new time, new space, new galaxies, and other celestial wonders is still happening as you read these words.

When did this divine rearrangement take place? When did Spirit become matter? At the moment of the Big Bang. 37 All of the God-fragments formed as a result of that awesome event are unique and discrete. Yet the whole remains intact. Every part is intimately connected in some mysterious way as ONE whole, highly conscious being. In his book, Only Love is Real, Dr. Brian Weiss helps to visualize this by asking us to imagine a tree in which all of the limbs, branches and twigs hold it together, the roots secure it in place, the individual leaves are souls, and the entire tree is God.

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