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The USNRC estimates that more than 2 million metric tons of TENORM are generated annually (USNRC, 2001a). Much of this material contains significant concentrations of uranium, thorium, and radium radionuclides, all of which have long half-lives. There are no federal statutes that specifically establish regulatory control of TENORM, although some waste streams fall under the jurisdiction of the EPA. Control of TENORM has been left to the states, and some agreement states regulate TENORM under their general rules governing the possession of radioactive materials.

A control or measurement limitation) or on limiting exposure, hence risk. Technology-Based Regulations Regulatory standards may be based on the limitations of existing control or measurement technologies. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (USNRC’s) existing guidance document concerning release of solid materials with surface contamination from regulatory control, developed in the 1970s, is based on the decontamination survey practices that were in use at that time (see Box 2-2). ” In this approach to regulation, the focus is not on risk, which is difficult to estimate and even harder to defend, but on promoting the use of the most advanced technologies and fostering their further development.

Volume contamination can result from neutron activation or from the penetration of radioactive contamination into cracks or interior surfaces within the matrix of an item. ) SOURCE: Adapted from ANSI/HPS (1999). Copyright © National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved. html 16 THE DISPOSITION DILEMMA and Part 20 does set limits on the amount or concentration of a radionuclide in such materials that may be released to the environment from a nuclear facility. These concentration limits, which have been set for essentially all radionuclides of concern (numbering in the hundreds), are based on calculated dose to the general public.

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