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For this reason, power suppliers sometimes require the power factor of an installation to be raised. This is done by connecting capacitors to the supply which absorb reactive power and thus raise the power factor. 1 Phase compensation With phase compensation, the capacitors are usually connected in parallel with the motor, or group of motors. However, in some cases, overcompensation can cause an induction motor to self-excite and run as a generator. Therefore, to avoid complications, it is normal practice not to compensate for more than the no-load current of the motor.

7 1 2 5 10 20 ABB Motors Standard * not protected according to EN 50102 39 3. 5 Standard voltage ranges ABB Motors can supply the global market. To be able to meet your delivery requirements ABB Motors’ products are designed to operate over wide voltage ranges. The codes S and D cover the world voltages. Other voltage ranges available on request. ABB Motors are available in these voltage ranges. ∆-start Direct start or, with ∆-connection, also Y/∆ Motor size 63-100 112-132 160-400 S______________________________ 50 Hz 60 Hz 220-240 V∆ 380-420 VY 440-480 VY 220-240 V∆ 380-420 VY 440-480 VY 220-240 V∆ 440-480 VY 380-420 VY 440-480 VY D_______________________________ 50 Hz 60 Hz 380-420 V∆ 440-480 V∆ 660-690 VY 380-420 V∆ 440-480 V∆ 660-690 VY 380-420 Y∆ 440-480 V∆ 660-690 VY - Motor size 63-100 E 50 Hz 500 V∆ 60 Hz - F 50 Hz 500 VY 60 Hz - 112-132 500 V∆ - 500 VY - 160-400 500 V∆ 575 V∆ 500 VY 575 VY To obtain a poster about world voltages, please contact your nearest ABB Motors sales office.

Class F insulation system ■ Max ambient temperature 40° C ■ Max permissible temperature rise 105 K ■ Hotspot temperature margin + 10 K Class B rise ■ Max ambient temperature 40° C ■ Max permissible temperature rise 80 K ■ Hotspot temperature margin + 10 K Insulation system temperature class ■ Class F 155° C ■ Class B 130° C ■ Class H 180° C The use of Class F insulation with Class B temperature rise gives ABB Motors products a 25° C safety margin. This can be used to increase the loading by up to 12 per cent for limited periods, to operate at higher ambient temperatures or altitudes, or with greater voltage and frequency tolerances.

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