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15, 1, 18–32. LOOP, C. 1987. Smooth subdivision surfaces based on triangles. University of Utah, Department of Mathematics, Masters Thesis. STAM, J. 2001. On subdivision schemes generalizing uniform b-spline surfaces of arbitrary degree. Comput. Aided Geomet. Design 18, 383–396. STAM, J. AND LOOP, C. 2003. Quad/triangle subdivision. Comput. Graph. For. 22, 1, 1–7. WARREN, J. AND SCHAEFER, S. 2003. A factored approach to subdivision surfaces. Submitted to Comput. Graph. Applicat. WARREN, J. AND WEIMER, H.

Org. 00 ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 24, No. 1, January 2005, Pages 37–59. 38 • G. V. G. Baranoski et al. rapidly. These complex and stochastic motions are directly related to the plasma processes. In this article, a novel physically-based model to perform 3D visual simulations of the dynamics of the auroral phenomena is presented. Furthermore, auroral surges (Figure 14), which have not been previously simulated, are also rendered. This model, therefore, enables the simulation of shape and motion of the aurorae in a realistic manner.

Simulating the Dynamics of Auroral Phenomena • 41 Fig. 2. Line drawings of cross sections of auroral arcs (not to scale) illustrating the three major shear-type rotational distortions: a) curls, b) folds, and c) spirals. The symbol denotes a vector normal to the plane of the paper. constituents, the atoms are excited, and after a period of time, they may emit a photon. Statistically, several collisions must occur before a photon is emitted. As a result of these photon emissions, the curtains may be colored, bright yellow-green at the bottom, perhaps red at the top, and a yellow-orange transition may also be present.

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