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By Richard Twyman

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This publication emphasises the unifying rules and mechanisms of molecular biology, with common use of tables and containers to summarise experimental info and gene and protein features.

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Once the septum hasformed, the cell undergoes cytokinesis -it dividesby binary fission. The identification of mutants which disrupt cell division or partitioning has shown that two the processes can be unhitched, and such mutantsfall into severalcategories. fts mutants are deficient in septum formation and thus formfilaments that are temperature sensitive (hence the name). The filaments often contain regularly spaced nucleoids, indicating that replication and partitioning mechanisms are still functioning normally.

Pombe, and similar components are found in other eukaryotes. Essentially, mitosis is initiated bya burst of Cdc2 activity generated by a posttranslational positive feedback mechanism(this differs fromentry into the S phase in S. cerevisiae, which is governed by a transcriptional feedback loop). The mechanism is broadly conserved throughout the eukaryotes, but the checkpoints forentry into mitosis are regulated in different ways, as discussed below. In S. 5). It is activated by dephosphorylation, carried out by Cdc25 and another phosphatase termed Pyp3, and inactivated by redundant kinases termed Weel and Mikl.

SBFinitiates transcription of the genes for the other G1 cyclins, CLNl andCLN2. These cyclins associatewith CDC28 to form CDK-cyclin complexes with several functions related to the activation of the six CLB cyclins (the mitotic cyclins CLB1, CLBZ, CLB3 and CLB4, and the S-phase cyclins CLB5 and CLBG), which share a conserved destruction box. Firstly, they reduce the rate of proteolysis of the CLB cyclins, and secondly, they increase the rate of hydrolysis of a CDK-CLB cyclin inhibitor, SIC1. The second transcription factor, MBF, initiates transcription of the CLBS and CLB6 genes.

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