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By I. Martin Isaacs

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This publication, according to a first-year graduate direction the writer taught on the college of Wisconsin, comprises good enough fabric for a two-semester graduate-level summary algebra path, together with teams, jewelry and modules, fields and Galois idea, an creation to algebraic quantity conception, and the rudiments of algebraic geometry. additionally, there are a few extra really good themes now not frequently lined in this sort of path. those contain move and personality thought of finite teams, modules over artinian earrings, modules over Dedekind domain names, and transcendental box extensions. This booklet may be used for self learn in addition to for a path textual content, and so complete information of just about all proofs are incorporated, with not anything being relegated to the chapter-end difficulties. There are, even if, hundreds of thousands of difficulties, many being faraway from trivial. The publication makes an attempt to catch the various informality of the study room, in addition to the buzz the writer felt whilst taking the corresponding direction as a scholar.

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To see this, one introduces the right regular representation v of ; in `2(;) de ned by (v ) ( 0 ) = ( 0 ) for all 0 2 ; and 2 `2(;): The operators u and v commute for all 0 2 ;: Consider a b 2 Cred(;) such that (a) = (b): As a and b commute with the v 's, one has R C 0 a ( ) = av ( e ) = v a ( e ) = v b ( e ) = bv ( e) = b ( ) for all 2 ; and this shows that a = b: It follows that any a 2 Cred(;) can be written as a sum a= X 2; u: Typeset by AMS-TEX 1 2 4. ABSTRACT C -ALGEBRAS AND FUNCTIONAL CALCULUS We leave it to the reader to check that k (a)k`2(;) kak for all a 2 Cred (;): There isn't any simple condition on a family ( ) 2; of complex numbers which is both necessary and P su cient for the sum 2; u to represent an operator in Cred(;:) A particular case of this statement is that there isn't any simple condition on a trigonometric series which is both necessary and su cient for the series to be the Fourier series of a continuous function.

ABSTRACT C -ALGEBRAS AND FUNCTIONAL CALCULUS 0 1] ! A (ii) If there exists a continuous path of projections t 7! et , show that the same conclusion holds. (iii) Suppose moreover that there exists a tower A1 A2 ::: of sub-C -algebras of A S such that A1 = n 0 An is dense in A (examples will be discussed in Chapter 6). For each projection e 2 A show that there exists a unitary element u 2 A such that ueu 2 A1: (iv) Suppose moreover that 1 2 A1: For each unitary u 2 A and for each > 0 show that there exists a unitary v 2 A1 such that kv ; uk < : Indications.

In case A has no unit, the spectrum (a) of a 2 A is understood in the algebra A~ obtained from A by adding a unit. 41. Lemma. Let A be a C -algebra with unit. (i) For a 2 Asa such that kak 1 one has a 2 A+ () k1 ; ak 1: (ii) The set A+ is closed in Asa : Proof. 21. 14. Then (a) = 1 + (a ; 1) 0 2] + so that a 2 A+ : (ii) For a 2 Asa one has a 2 A+ () kkak ; ak kak by (i), so that A+ is closed in Asa: R R 20 4. 42. Lemma. Let A be a complex algebra with unit and let a b 2 A: Then C (ab) f0g = (ba) f0g: R R In particular, if A is a C -algebra and if b 2 A then (bb ) + if and only if (b b) +: Proof.

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