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The most emphasis of this revised algebra textbook is on fields, jewelry and modules. The textual content comprises new chapters at the consultant idea of finite teams, coding idea and algebraic language thought. units, lattices, different types and graphs are brought in the beginning of the textual content. The textual content, which has been rewritten with the purpose of constructing the topic more straightforward to know, comprises simplified proofs and lots of new illustrations and routines.

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However, ordinary multiplication and direct multiplication commute. 9) This is proved by evaluation of the product in terms of matrix elements. As the proof is lengthy, but otherwise trivial, it is omitted. It may be noticed that the direct product of diagonal matrices is a diagonal matrix. 17. 1 ) and let the columns of A be linearly independent. 2) where the matrix 8 is independent ofthc vector y. 2) imply that 8Ax = 8y = x A8y = Ax = y and hence that A8 = 8A = 1 MATRICES AND LINEAR EQUATIONS 33 The matrix Bis, accordingly, the reciprocal of A.

Assuming that the determinant vanishes, a n a22 - a 12a 21 = 0 it follows that (a u la21) = (a 12la 22 ) = Y Then the matrix has the form [ ya2l ya221 a 21 a 2J So that the linear dependence is established al. B) is accordingly true for second-order matrices, and, on account ofthe above induction, for matrices of every higher order. On account of the results of Section 7 one arrives at the following general conclusion. C) A homogeneous system of linear equations Ax=O admits solutions x :;ce 0 if and only if det A = O.

3. Using the theorems of Section 11, show that the determinant of a matrix must vanish if two rows are equal to each other. 4. jm = bjm det A j=l 5. 2) convert the matrix A= to rr~ I1 1 1 -1 -1 1 ~il 0 0 I 2 0 B= 1 1 2 -2 1 0 2 and thus derive det A. ) ~l CHAPTER 5 MATRICES AND LINEAR EQUATIONS 15. Detenninants and homogeneous equations Consider a matrix A with columns which are linearly dependent. r(xr/xl ) to the vector a. 1, this vector is converted to a null vector so that the determinant vanishes.

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