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We have found wet fixation in 95 percent ethanol highly suitable for immunocytochemistry (see subsequent discussion in this chapter). The alternative to wet fixation is use of one of the commercially available spray fixatives. These generally consist of various mixtures containing either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol with polyethylene glycol. The latter leaves a coating on the slide after the alcohol has evaporated and is said to prevent cell shrinkage. Such sprayed slides are dry within a few seconds and are then suitable for storage, mailing, or immediate processing.

If the specimen on the end of the spreader slide is large enough, a small portion of it can be deposited on each of two or more slides by gently touching them with the specimen droplet. Each of the new specimen slides is then smeared by using the one-step method. In this way, several smears have been rapidly prepared from one aspiration. This opens up the possibility of having extra smears for special stains or other studies, as needed. When the edge or corner of a spreader slide is gently touched to an expressed specimen droplet, a small amount will adhere to the spreader slide.

30. When the spreader slide is brought into contact with the specimen, the fluid spreads out along its edge. Tissue particles are distributed along this line. The spreader slide is then slid away from the specimen slide's label, to about the middle of the lower slide. At this point, the two slides are tilted together as a unit, so that the label ends point down. The spreader slide (which often bears some tissue at its distal end) is now quickly pulled away from the specimen slide. The spreader slide is retained in the dominant hand, while with the nondominant hand, the specimen slide is held vertically.

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