Apple Osx Tiger 10.4 For Mac Os X (Macintosh) by Maria Langer PDF

By Maria Langer

So you are eventually able to discover what all of the fuss is ready. no matter if you are switching from home windows or upgrading from an older Mac OS, this task-based consultant represents the optimal method to cross from zero to 60 in no time flat with Apple's a lot expected Mac OS X Tiger--more mature, powerfully greater, and with greater than two hundred new positive factors that may knock your socks off. during this completely revised bestseller, Maria Langer walks readers during the technique of fitting and configuring Tiger, then introduces the Mac OS machine, together with the Dock and the Sidebar, sooner than relocating directly to extra complicated Finder suggestions, software fundamentals, printing and faxing, connecting to the web, account administration, configuring your Mac for a number of clients, and extra. Weighing in at over seven-hundred pages, this re-creation additionally deals lots of insurance on what is new in Mac OS X Tiger, together with highlight, the seek device that is helping you discover something in your Mac immediately; multi-way video in iChat AV; the improved Mail program; Automator, which allows you to automate repetitive guide projects; Tiger's ultra-useful mini-applications (known as "Dashboard Widgets"); and extra. Rounded out with lots of advice, tips, and sage recommendation, this e-book is both invaluable for Macintosh rookies in addition to early adopters trying to find a accomplished reference on what is new during this much-talked-about Mac OS upgrade.

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